Home décor – pottery – handcrafted from recycled paper and covered with latex. Simply beautiful.





Beautifully hand crafted Vases and Pots that caught my eye recently and we are very excited to import them into Australia for others to also appreciate the amazing contemporary design.

Pots are coated with rubber - flexible. unbreakable, waterproof, biodegradable, light, and can be wiped with soft cloth to clean.

Suggested uses - flowers, pencils, cooking utensils, nursery pots with plant, sewing needs, jewellery, cosmetics and any other wotnot you may think of.

Complements - modern, minimal, industrial, coastal, and modern country decor.

Perfect for Florists - stand out.

And all Education facilities and Home schooled children -  to store craft supplies.

The factory in Sri Lanka support the local community. Traditionally the husband provides the family income and the wife stays home to run the household and rear the children.

As families are finding it becoming impossible to live off one income, the wife is finding she needs to contribute financially. So the staff at the factory provide training for the young mothers to be able to craft the paper pot at home and continue to run the household, which enables them to continue with their long held tradition. The company then buy the product back from them, at a fair price. The pot is then coated with latex, while maintaining quality control, and despatched to awaiting buyers.

We have bundled several items together to economise on postage. However should you not want all pots - great idea for a friend.

These pots are not collapsable so wrapped and packed in small carton.

Prices include GST where applicable. Items displayed in pots are for illustration only.

For any enquiries, please email us




      Gift wrapped

Packed in small carton.

Our returns policy

All items are checked for quality. But should you receive your goods in damaged or faulty condition, please take a photo on receiving package and contact us via email or phone. Items must be returned in original packaging within 7 days. We can then solve the problem.

Should you simply change your mind please contact us. Keep in mind that should this be the case you will need to pay the postage both ways.

International Enquiries

This will depend on quantity required and satisfactory delivery arrangements. Please email us.


Once you have placed an order.

The package will be forwarded within 4 days. 

Then carried by Australia Post providing tracking capability. You can expect to receive item within 10 days.


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